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Questions? We have answers!

1. Is MediaScale for SEO agencies and freelancers?

Our platform was actually designed specifically for SEO agencies and link building specialists.We built this platform so that the manual and tedious tasks become fully automated to have our clients focus on the important work. You can enjoy a dashboard to manage multiple campaigns, instant client reports, direct API connection to gather and present website data, client login module to approve campaigns, outreach tools, link building monitoring tools and much more.

2. Is MediaScale for PR agencies and media coordinators?

Yes, MediaScale is also designed perfectly for media coordinators, PR firms and content marketing freelancers. The platform incorporates easy outreach modules, slick and beautiful client reports and a dedicated project management platform to maximize media outreach

3. Is MediaScale a good fit for a webmaster?

Absolutely. The platform is tailor made also for website owners who want to have everything under one roof. Updated website metrics, link monitoring, sponsored posts connected to clients, website post history, website finance and profitability, automated reports and every single thing you can think of – we have it.

4. What SEO features can I access?

You can access our link monitoring platform that can warn you or your clients whether a link was removed or altered, outreach platform to produce better outreach for website, campaign reports that measured the ratio of DoFollow and NoFollow links, DA ranges, anchor text distribution, website database which is fully updated with the correct metrics at all times and a campaign management dashboard that is connected to billing and finance reports. So basically, every single thing you need!

5. Does MediaScale store data?

Yes, Mediascale does store data, but it is your own private data which is hosted on a separate subdomain. We won’t have access to your data (only you will).

6. How do I start using your platform?

The process is very simple and user friendly. You first register for a free trial to get full access to the platform. You get your own login and subdomain and you can start using the system immediately, and after a week you can decide whether you want to continue using it or not.

7. What if I want to cancel my subscription?

Well, you probably won’t want to do that because we’re awesome! But in the case you will want to cancel you can do it immediately without any charges or hidden fees.

8. Do you have any competitors?

We don’t really have full direct competitors. There are other SEO, PR and content marketing tools that provide some of the features we provide or CRM tools that are not designed for these needs. MediaScale is one of a kind in the sense its built especially for these needs to start with.

9. What API’s are connected to Mediascale?

We have Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic, SimilarWeb and Alexa connected to the platform. You will no longer need to manually check website metrics or prefer client reports, since everything is fully automatic and scalable and ready to go!

10. I need special customization, is there a way to integrate more features?

Yes, absolutely. We want to continuously improve our platform and we are totally open for feedback and developing more features for each and every single client we have.